Should I eat this 2-year-old cookie?

I just found this cookie that dates back to the Jurassic era of xoJane's launch, which I think means 2011.
Publish date:
July 18, 2013

Bearing in mind that I eat (and like) crunchy things, including dog treats. I am currently sharing a bag with Balloon and Lemon that are some delicious organic duck and blueberry concoction. (If you want to say I am trying to show how DAMN QUIRKY I am, I will surely understand that.)

Bearing in mind that I ate a cookie Michael Jackson gave me (with his face on it and which was baked in his cookie house at Neverland) after it had been in my freezer for five years -- and I wasn't even stoned.

Madeline says she will pay me $3 to eat this cookie Eve Vawter made us like two years ago and which I just found on my shelf here next to an old soda of Emily's, a pile of Sassy magazines and a tutu Charlotte was going to wear for a Worst Mom In The World Installment where she entered a high-glitz pageant. (Ah, the joys and thrills of being disorganized -- every time you go to look for something, the rushes of emotion from the other random crap you stumble upon rivals reading an old journal.)

So friends: Would you eat the cookie for $3 and why or why not? Or just tell me something else equally random that's happening today in your world.