"Oh, you won some Oscars? Cool!"

Publish date:
January 28, 2012

Ew boy. I just said good-night to my sweet little office here, meaning to write you and tell you to have weekends and that I was hoping to do the same. Then I wandered, still in Pilates clothes from this morning, to my friends' house, where I knew I'd been invited. I hadn't taken the time to look at what exactly I was invited to (please see: the time I was hosting a Jane magazine event at Bloomingdales and went to Macy's instead AND the time I showed up at that fancy dinner Alex Witchel from the NYT held at her fancy home wearing pajamas, 'cause I glanced at the invite and thought it said a pajama party -- huh? why would she have a pajama party?).

Anyway, I just walked into a room full of faces from many varied screens over many years and can't remember who is who. Can't recall a name to save my life. (I realize you've heard these tales of woe from me before -- sniff sniff.) At least I understand that when they say to me "And how's the kid?" that means they don't remember my daughter's name either, so that's a relief. I never care if someone forgets me or my name. I actually presume that they do and it's a fresh start if they do.

Well, it's unbelievably fun here. If I can just let go of the pressure to remember names and people out of context. I could try that "I don't have on my glasses" trick and ask who they are perhaps. Any other tips for this welcome. OR just say "I'm terrible with names," but is that such an insult to someone who has worked, in part, to make their name known to everyone in the world but me? Ah, have weekends and tell me about them. Xo