Oh What A Day So Far

Publish date:
January 2, 2012

How is yours going? I am sparing you this video because it contains lots of crying and probably sounds like I am feeling sorry for myself a lot. I did something I've never done this morning. It involved my daughter and caused my hands to shake and the baby-sitter to say I looked "stunned/vacant/shell-shocked". I'm not trying to be melodramatic. Everyone is healthy and all is exactly as it is meant to be, as always. Unrelated PS Apologies to all of the people I bear-hugged on new years day when my sweater smelled so B.O.-y. I noticed you cringing but didn't know why until I got home. My sense of smell comes and goes with hormones, I think. I ask Charlotte if my socks smell and stuff -- nice, I know, but I like to rewear. And your faces when I went to hug you again good-bye. Oy. It was as though on some subconscious level I wanted to foist my yuckiest self on you and see if you still accepted me (veering into territory maybe few can relate to). I mean, I'm a hugger but this was to a ridiculous bear huggy extent and so so frequent. So back to you: how is YOUR day? Is anyone else shaky today and why? I love you.