Oh, phone! Plus underwear question

Publish date:
February 1, 2012

My head is so buried in this phone these days, even moreso than six months ago when we launched this site because, like many of us lucky enough to have phones like these, I'm doing more and more on it. I don't see new buildings on my way to work anymore. NOT complaining. It's a choice. However, being on this thing until I fell asleep and again when I woke up around 5 DID cause me to miss the all-important new-month "Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits" chant.

If you don't know it, it's a good luck thing if it is the first thing you say at the beginning of the month. Thank goodness for 9-year-old daughters to remind us of these things and of that "Tigger Tigger Tigger" loophole. (If you don't know about that one, I can't link from my phone, so just forget it and be grateful you aren't as dorky and superstious as I am.) Speaking of daughters, you can tell who else has her head in my phone all the time from these apps. The x-ray one doesn't work, btw, so don't waste your time. Happy February! I will now look up if you will. Xo

PS I also just realized that, again I will blame it on the phone, I left my underwear at Pilates and I'm halfway to work. Go back for it or go all day at work without underwear on? It's a kind of nice pair.