Office Space

Publish date:
January 16, 2011
behind the scenes, jane's stuff

Note that I am giving Amy the biggest cube, cause she cares about that kind of thing somewhat. I just care about this site being great and a place where great women can congregate and feel great about themselves while they are here and afterward.

For now, it is just me here in these offices-to-be and that is odd. This feels very different from other start-ups -- and for the record, I have started lots of things in lots of mediums (maybe I will come back and list them here).

Or maybe I just don't remember this part afterward, like the high of the launch is the oxytocin that gets secreted to make you forget the pain of childbirth, which by the way, I recall as hardly painful at all and like a fun athletic challenge, along the lines of running the marathon or flipping around on the cadillac in Pilates. Other women who have given birth often get mad when I say that, but then I qualify it by explaining that maybe it is because Charlotte only weighed 5 pounds 11-and-a-half ounces, which would certainly feel different than delivering a 10-pound kid.

Which then leads me to divulge (because I have a need to divulge everything) that I didn't need an episiotomy and didn't need any stitches afterward, meaning that for the rest of my life I need to know that an entire person could fit through there without a prob. That's life.