Notice How I Didn't Name-Drop

Publish date:
November 9, 2011

nearly as much as I could have these past days. I am keeping that material private for the contest winner who, for whatever reason, wants it.

This was our fun final night in London, ending with a yawning Charlotte at the airport. I've taken out photos of children of celebrities, as you may know that I always do unless the parents say yes. I also edit out photos of anyone, public figure or not, working at xojane or not, who doesn't like the photo. I almost just called it an "image" instead of a "photo", but that would be giving myself way too much artistic credit.

In any case, tomorrow morning I am picking the "winner" who will see all of these photos and videos and more. I am having so many CMS issues that I'm not going to do it now.

Thanks for London, the wonderful time there, the wonderful people I met who I hope to work with. And happy to be back in NYC. All good. You?