This is not why I peed myself this morning

Publish date:
March 1, 2012

Though this is my desk drawer at the moment. And this is my cute sock/shoe combo which I've been trying to cram into a pic for you since last night (yes, same socks -- mission now accomplished). The vodka is left over from that experiment you (Christina!) wouldn't let me try. But I do know from this very site that vodka and peeing oneself go hand in hand. And I did pee myself this morning. Hold on as I am typing this on my touchscreen (as usual) and have to run to the bathroom and will return here to finish this for you. I have typed to you while peeing before, I'm certain. But this time I am not risking what happened this am again. Be right back...Ok, empty-bladdered me here to explain ('cause I know you want to know): Bryan and I are eating and drinking only from this amazing and delicious place called Gingersnap's Organics this week and there is this green juice we drink in the mornings, which makes you pee a lot (I don't even know if that's what causes the peeing -- I will get back to you on that, but I think it is that because it has celery in it and isn't that a diuretic? clearly, i could stand to educate myself a bit more about these experiments I do with my bo-day, but I feel good and trust GO with this one). Anyway, I cannot get into the habit of going to the bathroom as often as I currently need to. I've been a holder-inner since 3rd grade peeing in the front row of the school recital in front of the whole PTA in my black-cat leotard costume (my daughter and her friends love that story). I don't stop working to pee. Which resulted this morning in me not making it to the bathroom before wetting my gorgeous Stella McCartney (hand-me-down from Courteney) slacks. These socks did not get wet however, so I am not that gross to be still wearing them, right? End of silly story.If you would care to tell me about a time you peed yourself or otherwise embarrassed yourself at school or work, I would love to hear it.