This is not where I am right now

Publish date:
November 4, 2011

But a cute picture my pal/co-worker Dia just sent me. I like it, even though my hair looks a bit striped. That was a fun day, in which I moderated a panel of folks including Tori Spelling and a Jonas. For some reason, I decided to make this occasion so nerve-wracking, along with what else I was going through, that I broke out in hives for the first and only time in my life. Right now, my palms are itchy and Bryan says that means I am coming into money and not to scratch them. Michael says it is a sign of speed use, which is not the case in my case. Though I have plenty of natural adrenaline to go around, if you're interested. (Bryan always looks horrified when someone offers me coffee -- as in, "This energy level could get even more intense??") Boring update. Xxxxooooo