NOT Shallow!

Publish date:
January 18, 2012

I get these emails from y'all so often and live to help you out with whatever you're dealing with -- nothing is too big or too small for me to want to help you with it. I opened this one last night and am responding today (was tempted to answer you last night, but my smart daughter reminds me that "you work too much" and says "mom, real life is better" when I go to film something on my phone to show you). I am working on being in the moment. This twitter thing I finally started doing (join me @janepratt, please) is not helping the amount of time I spend on this phone. Anyway, all that is to say that tomorrow from 1-2 ET (while daughter is at school and so i am safely removed from her pearls of wisdom), I will be answering your questions live on twitter. Just send 'em to me and put #janehelp at the end and I will help you with stuff like boyfriends staying hard and finding a job. Xo