This is Not My Morning Face

Publish date:
February 3, 2012
jane's stuff

It is my face after making lunch (my daughter stopped wanting breakfast -- whoopee!), walking kid to school, returning to bed to work. I took the pic 'cause I'm getting some hate on the internets about

this project

and #ilovehate.

Anyway, I'm also excited because randomly some FAMOUS FRIENDS (hate on!) sent me their morning faces, so I am showing you at least one of those in a gallery later today. She is getting her own brand of hate lately. Come on people, stick together. Man.

I am also showing you this because I think it is funny that none of the younguns in the office get the humor of a flat-chested girl wearing this "It's better in the Bahamas" shirt (yes, I'm still wearing it from yesterday, what?), because they don't remember that wet-t-shirt ad and poster. Do you?

Semi-related: My daughter (9) tells me that last night as she was next to my bed while I was falling asleep (yes, things work backward in the home of the Worst Mom In The World), I was talking about groundhogs tweeting! Aw jeez. And this is No Ambien Involved, thanks to

your good advice

on that. Do you talk in your sleep too? (That was just a lame ploy for comments and I am winding this down because I have been typing for ten minutes on this little touchscreen and must get back to work. So comment -- on haters, on anything -- would ya?).

Big xo and good stuff coming up for all of us today, I believe.