Not to make light, but... WE DO!

Publish date:
November 15, 2011

So I tried to fulfill my assignment this morning to be Starsky (much hotter then Hutch in my Jewish opinion -- was he even Jewish or am I just perpetuating stereotypes?) or, better yet, Cagney and Lacey with another mom friend. We were looking out for our fellow-mom friend Eve, who was having her ex served with divorce papers after drop-off at school this morning. As you can see, I am better suited to Laverne and Shirley-type roles. Now ten points for anyone old enough to even remember those references and in a place in life to understand why we would be treating this as light-heartedly as possible. In a nutshell, life is hard enough. Love you, Eve! Love you, Cagney/Laverne! Love our kids.