How I, WMITW, Am Coping With A Night Without Dance Moms

Do use this phone space to tell me anything you would like for me to read and I will read it and answer if it is a question.
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May 21, 2013
worst mom in the world, dance moms

I was speaking on a panel last week and this other speaker, also a mom, suggested to the room how shitty it is (she didn't say shitty, BUT SHE THOUGHT IT) that I call myself the Worst Mom In The World and that we moms shouldn't label ourselves good or bad or whatever. She did faintly praise the label as "clever," but I know it's not really that clever.

I just don't know what else you would call someone who holds their kid down to fart on their face or steals the cheesiest Doritos out of her kid's bag.

That mom/speaker also said that you can learn anything you need to know about "tween" girls by going on to, where the host girl says, "and it's a great place to visit because your mom is on making sure that no mean people post there!"

But I sure do have fun coming up with new ways to top my Bad-Mom-ness and here is the one today that remotely falls into that WMITW category:

I don't know what in the hell Charlotte and I are going to do without that amazing show Dance Moms tonight, for this Tuesday that falls between Season 3 and the much anticipated Season 3.5. We have eked every bit out of Season 3, with reunion shows, two-hour specials, staying up not just until the shows are over at 10 but until even later as we rewatch parts if we miss a swearword or a purse-swinging moment. We do rewatch shows from past seasons and have been happy to stumble upon one we have watched fewer than 6 times, because it felt almost fresh, but even those are played out now.

So what we will be doing tonight is this little game we made up, where I get to be the star, Abby Lee Miller, while Charlotte is Kenzie and Paige and Nia and if she has a lucky friend over, the friend gets to choose among the other characters we haven't already claimed. This is our wall. See how I make a mean little pyramid and get to berate the girls just like Abby does? Fun times, right?!

Ok, now that I took up your precious brain-space with that, and I know that there really isn't anything else to say about it, do use this phone space to tell me anything you would like for me to read and I will read it and answer if it is a question. Hello weirdos!