Want To Have No Boundaries With Us Today?

Have you ever hugged your boss?
Publish date:
July 24, 2013

Some lovely xoJaners have started coming early to my office for our weekly staff meetings in order to get good seats -- or seats, period. I love this, because I love them and because I like to have fairly constant company in my office (and my bathroom and bedroom -- did I tell you that I built a wall at home and now have an actual private bedroom? so weird! still no curtains, though).

So Corynne and Olivia are here a whole hour early and we (Emily, Lesley, Corynne, Madeline, Lori, Olivia, Mandy, me, our awesome interns and anyone else I rudely forgot to list ETA: like Annie and Marci -- duh! I forgot we always have you xoVainers in here too now! yay!) would alllike to invite you to either participate in or listen to our meeting today.

Partly due to the lack of boundaries Olivia and Corynne are talking about here, our staff meetings are generally more group therapy/gossip sessions and we are definitely heading in that inappropriate direction today. If that's at all appealing to you, tell me below if you've ever snuggled with your boss. (A simple yes or no is fine and a story is good too.)

Then one or more or all of you who answer will be picked to get the call-in number. That's it! Talk to you later.