Newish Guy Tyler Is Seemingly Unflappable

Publish date:
July 26, 2012

What could we have said or done in this meeting to make him flap? It
wasn't Emily talking about her vagina -- he's used to that. It wasn't
me being frenetic about getting everything done that I want to get
done -- he is über (how sweet of auto-correct to add my umlaut there!
almost makes up for me using the word über!) calm in that situation.

We took things one step too far, apparently, when one of us got
teary-eyed because she felt herself getting her period during this
meeting. (I know, it is so tired for women to write about their
periods. I am not trying to be edgy -- these are just the facts,

Anyway, it is Tyler's one-month anniversary today! Congratulate him!
Ask him questions! Wish him luck!

And did you know that our revised employee handbook has two whole new
categories most likely inspired by the goings-on at xoJane?

Also: I'm 49 years old. What is wrong with me? Feel free to speculate
or relate or diagnose or hate.