New Makeunder Excitement!!

Publish date:
January 21, 2013

I am super excited on this Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard Day (as myfriend's kid calls it -- though I am now concerned that that's moredisrespectful than funny as I am writing it down) because of all thiswork we are doing today. What email thread ever needs 50-plus messagesin it? One involving a Makeunder, of course! And involving our newbeauty-site editors Marci and Annie! And a special thank you to Mandy,who is not on this thread, for hooking it all up. Want to guess who?Or tell me who you'd like us to Make Under.

And I haven't forgotten that I promised to do Makeunders on you alltoo. Marci and Annie will get right on that! Just kidding sort of, butif you still want one, let us know below.

Little known fact is that my mom came up with the name and idea forMakeunders when I was launching Jane Magazine oh so many years ago.

So who who who do you want to see? Can you tell I'm excited?