New Kids!!

Publish date:
January 7, 2013

We have two new kids today at xoJane HQ and it's all very exciting.They are part of the new beauty site we are launching way-too-soon.

Here I (and my eye wrinkles) are on the way to Sirius XM's Jane Radiostudio for my 11 am show (call me there at 1-888-4-102-102 or justvoyeur it on Sirius XM 107) so I don't even get to see them untillunchtime! Waaah! I hope they are invading my office and doing allkinds of insubordinate things in there in my absence.

In any case, please welcome newest cult members Marci and Annie andtell them what you want from them as far as beauty advice goes.

And really do call me -- it is my first day back on the radio in weeksand I could use the company. Plus I will give you free stuff. Hi!