Name My Dog! Reward!

Publish date:
June 4, 2013

The reward will be that I will think of you ten thousand times a daywhen I say it and I will praise you to the heavens here. And basicallywhatever else you want. That's the little guy on the upper right asCharlotte FaceTimes my nieces' dog, Poppy, this morning to ask hisname advice.

Note: we have a dog named Balloon already, if you want to thinkconsistency or be thematic or anything. Be as creative or normal asyou like. Just give me as many ideas here as possible and then votewith your up votes as you do so well.

Note 2: I love you!

ETA: I am thinking I might have to get ten more dogs to use all of the best names on this list--or give the puppy tons of middle names. Which should I choose? Help! Oh, another contender that came in that I'm considering is "Lemon." What do you think of that one? Thank you for everything!