Mystery Guest

Publish date:
January 30, 2012

I usually pick up the phone (but, as you may know, when I miss it, my voicemails sure do pile up and rarely rarely get listened to). Even "unknown" I will answer if I don't have a friend or assistant or daughter handy to pick it up and screen it for me. (Charlotte is really good at this, by the way. As she says, "They can't say no to a kid.") and "Blocked" is a whole other kind of interesting. Which is all to say that I'm glad I picked up this call because it is from my special guest on Jane Radio coming right up (11 am - 1 pm ET on Sirius XM 107). If you want advice on anything at all, this mystery lady and I would live/love to help you out. Call me call me at 1-888-4-102-102. Xo and happy Monday

PS Do you answer Blocked or Unknown callers? Do you pretend not to be you? That's what I often do when I answer in my wary voice and then I get all apologetic when I know the person. Enough rambling. You ramble now! Here or on the phone with me shortly