A Mysterious Day

Publish date:
March 20, 2012

Hello, Mercury! What's the antonym for retrograde (forward motion?) and when do you resume it? Can't you see how much you are affecting us all? I mean, look at my phone at this moment, would you?

Anyway, back to you non-planetary beings. A question: if someone on a text thread who just showed up as a phone number asked for your identity, would you tell them who you were? I just did. I also answer blocked calls. To get it all out there and get it all over with.

Speaking of getting it all out there, one of my wonderful cousins at my grandma's ONE-HUNDRED-AND-FIFTH birthday party this weekend said he checks out this site and that I am just so weird. He said it nicely and lovingly. I never imagine that anyone I know in any other context sees this. It never occurs to me that people other than you (singular) are reading it. I do that trick on the radio too -- like I am only talking to the one person who is listening. I could never master it with TV -- the "look into the lens as if it is the eye of the person you are talking to" -- At All.

Sufficient rambling? Depends on how bored you are, I suppose. Who do you think X is?