My Un-Prop-Styled Lunch

Do you care if your food looks pretty?
Publish date:
December 19, 2013

Everyone here at xoJane thought it would be really funny for me to show you the trough that I am eating out of at my desk as we hang around my office in one of our "meetings." This on the exact same day that my apartment is styled like this in that genius publication The Coveteur.

Well, they were out of plates at our company buffet! And I didn't want to take the time to go to the kitchen for another one! And I'm not someone who cares one way or the other about plating.

I thought it was quite lady-like of me to use a fork rather than the big metal tongs that accompanied this chafing dish*.And I think the folks at The Coveteur are styling wizards. They were in and out of my apartment in 20 minutes, setting up those scenarios and shooting them. And at least they worked with what I had there -- unlike that magazine photo shoot years ago where the stylists brought in a fake staircase to make it look like my apartment had another floor -- that was funny).

*Nine out of 10 xo staffers do not know this kind of pan is called a chafing dish -- did you? And did you like The Covetuer story? I love it love it love it, can't you tell?