Inside My "Scientology" Sauna

Publish date:
October 18, 2011

as Cat called it today. I have had this thing for something like a decade and truly believe in its health benefits. It helped me a lot (IN MY UNSOUND OPINION) when I was trying to get all the toxins out after shooting myself up with a bunch of fertility stuff many years ago. The other relaxation/sleep things I wanted to tell you that I believe in (SAME DISCLAIMER AS ABOVE) this morning but got caught up and never got back to, are: Q-links, though many people in about 2008 came out saying they were BS. I've been wearing them for years and feel I want one more than ever while I work around so many electronics. Mine went through the wash, so I'm getting a new one. Last, I like Kavinace for helping with stress-related insomnia. That's all. If you have good sleep cures, I will take them. Thanks and xo

PS A FAR infra-red sauna (FROM WHAT I UNDERSTAND) detoxes you from the inside out, rather than a standard sauna which uses heat to detox you from the skin inward and only goes so deep, having less of an effect on your internal organs, etc. When you are in one, it is kind of heating you up like a microwave would, BUT NOT. One thing I find really interesting about these saunas is that you can use them with or without heat -- I often am sensitive to too much heat, so I will just set it at 90 or even lower and still beads of toxic stuff will bubble to the surface of my skin (in a sense less gross than that sounds). It is important which brand, type of wood, etc., you choose. Friends of mine (FAMOUS friends, too!) have come to use my sauna when they were quitting smoking, for example, to more quickly get all the nicotine and other cigarette crap out of their systems and their sweat comes out blue-black on the towel, or in drips on the bath-mat. People who have used a lot of hallucinogenics apparently get purple sweat, which I am semi-jealous of. That is all non-scientific info. It supposedly burns calories, but I don't care about that. Oh and whenever I use it, like this morning, people tell me all day that my skin is glowing.