Which of these things do you want most? Part 2

Publish date:
February 8, 2012

Every time I go to Courtney Love's (and I KNOW you do this when you visit her too -- don't lie!), the first thing I do is go to her bedroom dresser and use at least one, usually two or three, of her

Kilian parfums

. Well, their sweet SWEET PR person Amanda at Siren just sent me a big bottle of deliciousness PLUS 10 little samples for me to play around with. One of the scents makes you so high (in a good way) that Courtney once didn't sleep for a night from it -- seriously. I am applying that one as we speak and am going totorment Bryan with all of my Positive Energy.

So: would you rather have the whoopie pies or these perfumes or this next thing....