My (And Your) Sweet Courteney

Publish date:
January 24, 2012

Whose next post is coming right up. She's so responsible. Always always writes thank-notes, for one little example, and doesn't have an assistant write them and then her sign them, as many do and I used to do at times -- she writes the whole thing and makes them each different. She also never forgets a birthday, which I ALWAYS do. (How important do you think it is to remember people's birthdays? Is it really rude that I often forget them? As you may know, I don't keep track of time. Let me try to think right now what year and month it is: Okay, I am guessing it is September or January, one of the two, and I think 2012? 2011? Q3? Q4? It is sometime around the 19th? Help me, lord. Though that was a fun exercise. And this is after 25 years of working in businesses that are all about due-dates and issue-months and annual specials and seasonal fashion shows and daily posting schedules. I guess I just don't think linear time is all that important and that it is a concept we have all agreed exists, but does it really?? Oh, I'm not high even and that was a long parenthetical.)

So Ms. Cox reminds me when her next posts for you are due. Love her, love her. And you.