Mother Teresa In My Bruise

Publish date:
August 9, 2012

Don't even pretend you don't see this simulacrum. And tell me how I
can monetize it.

PS The bruise is from a klutzy move on an exercise ball that was
sitting on the floor at my brother's house when I was trying to
squeeze in my special 10-second abs series. I haven't been to yoga or
Pilates in a while due to traveling and whatnot, so I get myself in
trouble grabbing moments like this one. Or I embarrass my daughter by
doing a handstand on the playground. I understand, from what I've
heard, that some of what is important with yoga is practicing on your
own, say in the morning or some such thing. I cannot imagine getting
myself to keep going without being in a class. Will work on that.
Anyway, what do you see in my arm, if anything? Jesus? The Virgin
Mary? Or be creative. Xo