Miss Madeline!

Yes, that was the first and last pun you will ever see from me
Publish date:
February 4, 2014

So you can call me a hypocrite for the pun headline there. And then you can also literally miss Madeline, because she is going on to another job. That's after three years at this place, so don't bug me about how much turnover we have here, ok? (In truth, I've had a particularly hard time with staffers' leaving since my days at Sassy and Jane magazines, because I know that when they leave, I will also need to break it to you. That's because I have introduced you to and encouraged you to get to know, and sometimes even like, the departing staff-member. Ugh.)

Miss Madeline started with me as an intern before this site even had a name, when it was just the two of us in a windowless hyper-yellow room with no AC but two fans blowing our piles of resumes. Hiring her full-time was one of my smarter moves. She was and is very mature (with an emotional age more than twice mine, btw) and we balance each other well. She balances a lot of people well.

So I asked Madeline -- on this momentous occasion where I'm so maternally proud of her as she leaves to join the marketing team at Ann Taylor HQ -- to kind of wrap it up by telling you commenters which moments she's shared with you that stand out the most. And here's what she said:

BrooklynBee: BB has stuck it out with us through thick and thin, and all of the 'gates in between. Thanks, 'Bee for your always positive and useful contributions to all types of articles up on the site. We can count on you.

Greater Cornholio: You can be mean, Cornholio, but you're always, always funny. And I can tell you truly care about this community.

Bobcat Corduroy: Keep fighting the good fight; I HOPE that somewhere you're on troll patrol payroll, because you are a boss.

And a special shoutout to Gigi Darling, jenlikesscience, DoofMartin, shinyredthermos, Andrea A, Crystal, cicillionaire, and, I need to stop now because I could go on and on for a very long time.

Before I'm out, here's a special message to the commenters who know what I'm talking about: Dog wrists! They continue to be very important in my life.

I love you guys and will miss you a lot. Maybe you'll see me in the comments section under my burner account... just kidding! (Or am I?)

Now you take the opportunity to tell Madeline exactly what you've thought of her all this time, what you will most miss and any words of wisdom as she goes on to her new gig. Or anything else you want to tell her.