Meta Meta Meeting (With Some Newbies!)

Publish date:
July 27, 2012

Tyler just took this picture of me in a staff meeting where a flashbulb is going off because we are being photographed for a day-in-the-life-of magazine story that I'm now really excited about. Oh wait, why am I acting like you don't already know that this is happening? Sorry. This is that New York Magazine story, the interview for which was already in my calendar, which you saw, which, okay, duh.

We are having the sort of faux editorial meeting you have when you are being photographed having an editorial meeting. They are more fun because you don't really feel pressure to get that much actual work done -- if you get some real work done while pretending to get work done, that's enough. (Semi-related: One reason I loved being pregnant so much was that no matter what I was doing, I was doing two things at once. Multi-taskers' paradise.) And you get to have nice hair for these.

I love all these sweet and funny staff and contributors (and some new xoJaners, whom I will tell you about on Monday) for doing this with me.

PS Simultaneously, I'm having a little self-bashing festival (my therapist says there is never any excuse to be mean to yourself and let's all remember that and I will continue to tell you the messages that I myself still want to learn -- as I have done for 25 years and counting). It is over a previous meeting I felt under-prepared for and less than on top of. Or maybe it is just that I'm coming down from chewing four pieces of Bubblicious at once before the meeting. Okay, will stop typing now and get back to "meeting." Love you. Love yourselves.