Merry Christmas To Me!

Publish date:
December 24, 2013

So can you tell by this picture what I got myself for Christmas thisyear? A little baby amoeba! I don't know exactly what kind of parasiteI have because I am in this fancy doctors office and it is the daybefore Christmas and he has a lot of patients and I don't want to takeup any more of his time. (It is not just on holidays that I have thisissue with doctors. I never ask them everything I would like to. Ithink I developed as a kid with a busy mom an astute sense of whensomeone has more important things to attend to and I try to take up aslittle of their attention as possible when their eyes look like theyare focused on something much more worrisome. Anyway, enough about mypast. Back to my present!)

So instead of asking this guy who tested me and gave me the good newsabout these little creatures inside me, I am googling amoebas from hiswaiting room and seeing that even my moods and general forgetfulnesslately and stuff COULD be attributed to these buggies. I'll take theexcuse. And the antibiotics and whatever else he's giving me.

Have you guys ever had one of these things?

Another very barely related question: do you become more generous withyourself around the holidays? I do. I'm usually someone who does notlike to buy myself things. Emily and I have completely differentemotional responses to new purchases, for example. She feels excited.I generally feel guilt and remorse and panic.

But around the holidays when I am buying for other people, I also feellooser about buying myself stuff. Like while shopping for Charlotte, Ithrew in a couple of things from my own longstanding Amazon wish list.Woohoo! Curious what you've gotten yourselves this holiday season, ifanything. And thanks for bearing with my waiting-room rambling, if youmade it this far. If you ramble about yourself in your comment, I willread it to the end too -- to be fair! Xo