Me, Sleepin' with the Beastie Boys

Publish date:
October 20, 2011
jane's stuff

Ok, somewhat misleading title that I hope won't make Mike or Tamra mad. Yikes. I will change it if you want, guys. Let me explain. My kooky dream last night involved a scene where a group of us were around a campfire at an outdoor concert arena and a bunch of the musicians there -- Michael, Thom (Yorke), probably Bono but I don't remember exactly, like 7 of us -- were deciding who should play together on stage the next day. Now comes the part where my dreams' egos are out of control! Mike D and I were sitting on a log grumbling about how neither one of us had been chosen to play with the band. What?!?? I know I've been playing my violin lately, but this is embarrassing and ridiculous.

PS This photo I had in my phone of me and Mike was taken at an event about a year and a half ago that our friend Julie Panebianco put together. Mike's wife, the awesome Tamra Davis, wasn't there, so Mike and I did the red carpet together. More important than all this: Tamra is one of the people early on who encouraged me to do this website and helped brainstorm it with me. She rules for many reasons, including this.

PPS In case there is any confusion, I never had sex with any of the Beastie Boys. I do have a talent crush on Kathleen Hanna though, which is, I guess, semi-related. Finally, xo!