Me and Patti

Publish date:
January 16, 2011
jane's stuff, patti smith

At Mr. Stipe's 51st bday party where Mario cooked. More name-dropping: Afflecks and Paltrows and Phoenixes and Scissor Sisters and Bono's cool wife Ali, who I love, and too bad I was having all that anxiety through the whole evening so I couldn't relax enough to smile for real, except when I was clinging on to Patti who has been such a source of comfort to me ever since my dad was dying and she told me not to go to the extreme measures I was going to to have him airlifted to a different hospital.

And then we set up these regular times in the evenings when we would both make herbal tea and drink it while we talked on the phone about our dads. It was a special night. I wish I had been there.