Me and Dr Drew/Don't read, mom/Contest!

Publish date:
February 7, 2012

I will tell you more coming up about this man of my dreams who I'm clinging to here and all of your questions he is finishing up answering.

Meantime, as Dr. Drew is getting ready to pack up and head to the airport, I am reading stuff

you wrote me here

yesterday (I know some of you are telling me you still can't get through to comment on my phone stuff -- we will get through this together, I vow) which sparked me to remember this over-sharing anecdote and see if you can compete: When I was in college, my room-mate and I were having a threesome with this actor who was traveling through town (perfect three-way material = someone who's leaving). I didn't want to have intercourse with him, but she did, so I gave her my diaphragm (we used the same size). What do you share with friends and family? Pre-chewed gum? Underwear? Oh, remind me to tell you how I got an STD from someone's underwear once. For real. But that's enough grossness for one post I think.

Please make me feel not alone by sharing your sharing stories here, even if they're not as gross as mine. Or tell me I'm alone -- I'm okay with that too. Or tell me how extreme you are about NOT sharing stuff, like weird stuff you won't share. One commenter gets something gross from the bottom of my backpack.