Singles Holiday Cards: Great Idea or WTFF?

Publish date:
December 6, 2016
relationships, single, single by choice

We are having some disagreement over this press release I just opened last night from about a new service for singles who want to tell their loved ones what milestones they have reached in the last year, just like their coupled-up counterparts. Help us solve this all-important-in-light-of-everything-going-to-hell-in-the-world debate below, would you?

Would you ever send one of these #singlesgreetings cards yourself? How much would your eyes roll — or how pleased would you be — if someone sent you one? How do you even feel about those holiday cards full of last-year's-greatest hits you get from your partnered-up friends and family members this time of year?

Do you think these cards solve the great injustice we singles face of not having a sanctioned way to tell friends and family how great our lives have been since last holiday season, complete with flattering pictures and a colorfully festive border? And if you did want to send such a thing, would you really want it to be labeled "Singles Greetings" right across the top? Like that's how you are defined more than anything else: Single??

Weigh in here, please. It'll take our minds off important stuff.

PS Dan is pro, I am con.