Mandy's True Love

Instead of joining our weekly staff meeting today, you can watch some of last week's. Or skip it and just say hi.
Publish date:
March 5, 2014

I cancelled our staff meeting for today (waah! I live for those things!) because of how much I am trying to fit in before I leave for Austin (if you are at SXSW and DON'T come to my panel and give me a hug after, I will be so mad at you). So instead of inviting you to join our Wednesday meeting, as I usually do, I am showing you this clip from last week's meeting. I know it's exciting.I kept filming little bits of the meeting, because I was blown away by the amount of professionalism in that conference room, professional not being the first adjective I think many of you would conjure up if asked to describe a typical xoJane staffer, including me.

Maybe it is these new offices with their swank conference rooms that brings it out, but I think it is just the amount of talent and wide range of experience the xoJaners and xoVainers have now that makes me a little giddy when they are all in one room together. (You already know I am a workaholic who chases the dragon of my first meeting with top company execs in the pink conference room at Sassy magazine many many years ago, so yes, meetings like this are my version of a PAR-TAY.)

Speaking of being giddy, listen here as Mandy lets you in on the person she would compromise her love of being single for. And coincidentally, the lucky fellow lives in Austin, where Mandy will be joining me on that panel I'm moderating. Possibilities abound.

What's going on with you that can't wait until our Friday 6 pm Open Thread, huh? As for me, I did a Reddit AMA yesterday and it is FUN and definitely different from talking to all of you here in this space. What's up with you? Hello!