Oh Happy Day!

Publish date:
August 7, 2012

So would you offer a slightly belated welcome to our new Deputy Editor, one Miss Mandy Stadtmiller? I wasn't going to do some big old announcement this time, which is why I had her put up her first post without even telling you she was officially on board here full-time. I was thinking that you could see for yourselves how great she is and come to the conclusion that you wanted more from her. But then I realized that that was like introducing your kid to their new step-parent without telling them you were already married -- or something like that. It is yucky.

So here I go introducing you to her toward the end of her first official day at xoJane.

I met Mandy at the xoJane launch party over a year ago and we have been talking about her working here ever since. And now she is! I adore her work ethic, among other things. (She seems to be a workaholic like me, based on the way we spent this past weekend -- and of course, Emily and Corynne were right there in it with us too. I'm not sure if Corynne is a workaholic or if she just has to work like one here -- sorry, Corynne.)

She is also passionate as all hell, which I love. And some of her writing (upcoming) made me crawl on the floor like a baby. Mandy will be physically with us at xoJane HQ in New York in a month, as those of you stealth types already know from her bio and her twitter, etc etc. And then you will get to follow her in the reality show that is xoJane HQ. And won't that be fun?

Say hi! Tell me anything! Hope you are having lovely lovely days.