Makeunder Makeunder, Plus Gift Help

Publish date:
April 26, 2012

Did you know what week it is? The awkwardly-though-PCly-titled Administrative Professionals Week. See here how Bryan didn't let me forget? Har har, I love that dude. I mean, I so appreciate my efficient, well-turned-out and exceedingly reputable colleague. So even though I am one to give presents randomly, when I see something somebody I love would like, rather than on birthdays and holidays, I'm thinking I will break that and get him something. What? What? A membership to the IAAP? A t-shirt with their slogan Admins, The Pulse Of The Office? I wouldn't usually be so sarcastic, but Bryan is sitting here feeding me these tidbits and laughing. Which indicates that he apparently doesn't want the desktop nameplate or ergonomically correct accessories their website is recommending. Hmmm, you know Bryan -- what to get him?

Also, looky: we are doing another Makeunder on Monday. I don't think it is someone you've guessed yet, but I'm feeling good about it and very curious to see how this person looks without all that stuff on.

Hey, if we were to start doing free makeunders of people other than celebrities, would you want one or know someone who would? Would you want to see them? Let me know. Xo