Make Me Funny!

Help me be funny and I will pay you in booze (or something else you love) and a party!
Publish date:
February 26, 2014

Hello, lovelies. I'm here getting done up for another sponsored post so that you can all make fun of my overacting once again!

Berta here is getting me ready using my new favorite hair technique that she calls roping and may indeed be a widely-acknowledged technique called roping or might just be something she does on me and herself and calls roping because you divide your hair into like three big sections from around your head and then split each in two and twist the twos together like ropes.

Berta blow dries it a little first but when I do it myself, I just let it air dry partially and then twist and then, when it's dry, undo it without brushing. And then everyone in the office compliments me a lot when I come in, even the xoVain girls, and Emily feels compelled to run her fingers through it. It is a really easy technique and really works well for wavy or curly hair. Just be sure to twist away from the face like Berta is doing here for that kind of flattering off-the-face angle.

Anyway, instead of writing to you about hair, I should be writing my speech for SXSW this year [here is last year's in case you missed it]. I am going to be up there with three of the funniest women I know, so write me some damn jokes! The writer of the funniest one (as deemed by me or the most upvotes -- speaking of which, how are we feeling about the new lack of down-vote counting on Disqus?) can come with me as my date to our party in Austin AND call in to our staff meeting today. Bonus points if the joke involves women and digital in some way, but whatever is good.

ALSO: If you'll be in Austin, come see me, Issa, Mandy and Kristina on Saturday, March 8th from 5pm-6pm at the Austin Convention Center. And watch as I tell your joke!

PS: Should Instagram have an old-mirror filter because aren't photos taken in this old mirror nice?