Make Fun Of Us!

I love being parodied!
Publish date:
January 23, 2014

I love being parodied. There's a site today that is hilariously parodying our It Happened To Me column, but we have already done that so much ourselves. So moving on, let's prove that we have created another franchise worthy of parody by telling us what your ideas for titles of upcoming xoJane Unpopular Opinion columns would be. To get you started, here are some of ours. In addition to the ones you see on my phone here, these other winning entries fell below the scroll:

UNPOPULAR OPINION: I Burnt My Toast (from Olivia)

UNPOPULAR OPINION: Stop Serial Killer Shaming Me (from Mandy)

UNPOPULAR OPINION: I'm Only Attracted To Married Men Who Have At Least Two Kids (from Madeline)

UNPOPULAR OPINION: I'm A Wizard. Deal With It! (from Emily)

And one that was deemed too offensive for me to share with you here, but ended with my favorite expression as used in this context: "... And You Should Believe My Outrageous Opinion Because I Have Anecdotal Proof!"

I know you will come up with your own brilliant ideas. At least, I hope you will. Please do.

PS: What is that name of the late comic who did the Sassy parodies on SNL way back when? I'm blanking on his name.