And which words have you seen once too often lately?
Publish date:
February 10, 2014

We are winding down our hiring process for an xoJane beauty/fashion director (Yay! Someone new for you to love/hate!), so I've been reading through a lot of samples of writing about beauty and style. Some trends I've noticed:

Decreased use of "tresses," "locks" and "mane" in favor of "strands" as the go-to synonym for hair.

People getting dressed often "pluck" their clothes, but only when they are "off a rack" in the store, rarely at home.

There are so so many fruit and vegetable varieties of "dollops" (pea-sized, plum-sized and apricot-sized in this batch of applications alone).

And a word that surprised me by coming up so often: MacGyver. I've seen it used as a verb, noun ("pulled a MacGyver"), adjective and in adverb form.

Emily just showed me a MacGyver reference in a beauty story in this month's Glamour, too.

And our own Pia referenced MacGyver in a post last week or so, giving me a clue that its increased usage lately has something to do with the impressionable age we all were when that show was on or something?

Well, I appreciate all of the applicants so much and would hire you all if I could (or most of you anyway), and I look forward to announcing who is coming on board once I get out from under this pile of words.

And which words are you seeing a little too much of lately?