Just A Little Treat From My Inbox Today

Publish date:
June 6, 2013
clarisonic, fit gum

I actually haven't "been there"! But now I want to go "there"! Have you been??

They also talk about how this product even targets and fixes thedreaded side-boob (see before and after shots here). Wow!

Wait until I show you the after photos from this press release forthis Fit Gum I also got. Keep the pitches coming!Love them! And anyone who wants my boob glue, let me know below and Iwill mail it to you.

Oh, and best answer for what the next miracle product for the ladies will becan have the pink Clarisonic I just received (no joke -- get kookybelow if you want it -- or just to entertain me if you don't).

PS I just, as I was writing this, remembered that in my dream lastnight, I was in Courtney Love's bridal party on a place in the beachin LA with our mutual friend Julie P. and I had to pee as I waswalking down the aisle. It was really fun though. I miss you,Courtney, and sorry I've been out of touch. Name-droppy non-sequiturof the day!!