Julia Roberts' Smile in Minutes!

Publish date:
February 28, 2012

Here's a sort of scary image of me sitting in my office right now

in the outfit you lovingly and graciously picked for me to wear every single time I go on TV

, which equals in about five seconds. I'm showing you the scary-ish image for a reason: it is my favorite pre-photography beauty tip, perfected over two-and-a-half decades or so of going on TV, getting my picture taken, whatever.

Here's what you do: Hold the corners of your mouth with your pinkie fingers and stretch the sides of your mouth (I could only show you a one-handed version here, because my other hand is taking the photo -- duh -- but the two-handed thing is important to make this stretching action work). Don't do it barbarically or anything -- I think it feels good, like a little self-massage. You can also, right before getting your picture taken, open your mouth as wide as possible (yawn-style) and then try to smile at the same time. If I cared, I would maybe turn around and cover my face while doing this so that that isn't the expression that gets captured on camera -- all up to you. If you want that puffy top lip look favored by some xojaners (

hi, Cat and Julie!

), you can stretch downward so that the top lip looks a little bigger than the bottom one.

Here's what it does: It widens your smile (if you like that sort of thing) and it relaxes your facial muscles so that you can smile more naturally -- or frown more naturally, or make whatever expression your face wants to make with less tension (less tension=gorgeousness, in my opinion).

Okay, that's more than enough on that little subject. xo