JP, Worst Mom In The World: Come on, Sick Days! Edition

Publish date:
September 4, 2012

I was back in the office today, jet-lagging and bumming about the school year starting up again, which is probably why I dragged my nine-year-old (here with the new backpack we got on EBay, my version of back-to-school shopping ALL last-minute and involving a laptop, no dressing rooms ever) 6000 miles for the three-day weekend, squeezing the most out of this last bit of summer.

I was trying to talk to Charlotte about all the great things about fall yesterday, but I couldn't even muster it. Emily just showed me that at least I have lots of company in this by sending me a link from her spirit animal, the Daily Mail, which says that 84 percent of mums (love when the UK pubs are calling me Jane Pratt, Worst Mum In The World, by the way -- making it sound so quaint and benign, no?) are bummed about their kids going back to school. Of course, their reasons are radically different from mine, like missing all the family-together meal-times. That would not be our chips-and-guacamole-for-dinner (it has a vegetable in it) lifestyle.

I just don't like schedules and love my little playmate and love when she doesn't have homework and practices and things like hair-brushing to detract from our playtime. I like to be able to stay up until 1 am making tents and talking if we want to, darn it.

I know there are some other bad moms out there (the remaining 16 percent, I guess) who can't wait for their kids to get out of the house and back to where the teachers get to deal with them and I'd love to hear from you too. I, however, am looking forward to that beautiful and free first sick day.

Speaking of which, I was inspired by a huge Mrs. Fields' cookie

Julieanne sent us a couple of weeks ago (and which Olivia parlayed into another cookie by calling the company to explain that it was broken when it arrived, a trick I used to use all the time as a kid with candy bars to attempt to scam a box full from the company but which was true in this case). I ordered one for Charlotte for her first day of school and can only hope that that special blend of grease and sugar (you can mold those things like sand castles) may hasten said first sick day.

I miss her already.

And if you want to point out all my grammatical errors and word reps in here, love to hear 'em. I'm typing on the phone and not going to look back, cause it is time to "play family" (in our version of which, incidentally, the mom and dad are always dead). Big fall Xo