Jonesing For My Fix--Please Help!

Publish date:
August 7, 2012

I'm on a flight with wifi, which would make for a happy happy workaholic, except that I haven't been able to access the CMS to look at content (sorry so jargony -- I remember the old days when I called them "stories" -- isn't that quaint?). So here I am unbecomingly begging Emily and Corynne for a hook-up from however many feet up. Would that bug you so much if I were your boss? Also, not to sound desperate (though I am), I would love it if you tell me or ask me anything random below and I will respond while on this flight. It would make me so busy/happy.

I also remember reading books on planes. And magazines -- remember those? And free blankets! Ok, losing my mind here.


I'm also trying to remember what my therapist told me boredom really means.

Ok, hello, help! Write me anything. Tell me about your dog. What you ate for breakfast. Whether your shoe size has changed over the years.

I love you.