Jane’s Addiction: Products for Puff Mommy*

I did not make up that headline.
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July 21, 2011
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*Title credit to Sassys-In-My-Storage Contest Winner, Jodi Lennon, who is standing next to me as I type this.

As I mentioned, I worked really late last night -- as in, pretty much an all-nighter. So this morning I used these Tracie Martyn eye-depuffers (the LotuSculpt Eye Pads, $45 at TracieMartyn.com) on my under-eyes, which were swollen after the late night of working (and, OK, a few glasses of wine--we all know what truly causes puffy eyes!).

These are the best things I've ever found for de-puffing, but are a little pricey. I just went and counted and it looks like the kit includes 10 of these precious pads, with the activating liquid, for $45! Tracie, please tell me if I counted wrong. (What my cheapskate self tried to do for a while was to use the leftover activator in the bottle with paper towels.I didn’t understand why it didn’t work, but it turns out the miracle secret is the collagen in the pads themselves.)So bonus trick: I cut the pads up to get the most use out of each one -- you can get four de-puffing pieces out of one pad if you really target the exact area. That's a much better deal and cutting them up is the way to go, hence the scissors in the picture.In addition, you can put them on your cheeks (or wherever you need them) to de-puff those areas too. Other reader-contest winner Lisa, who is also standing here as I type this quickly before we leave to go pick up my old Sassys, just suggested using them on your/her leftover baby junk (she has a two-year-old).

Let me know your de-puffing tricks or, if you try these Eye Pads, let me know if you like them. xo