Jane Pratt, Worst Mom In The World: Preparing for the Teen Years Edition

Publish date:
May 24, 2012

On the way back to the office with hyper professional bag after filming my segment of this Makers series, filled with super impressive women and me.

Speaking of nothing related, my fellow bad-mom friend Cynthia and I were talking last night about the fights we'd just had with our daughters. She said that at 10:30 pm, her nearly-teenage daughter had said she wanted to talk. Now, when your kid, especially your pubescent kid, wants To Talk, you are supposed to be thrilled with this rare opportunity, right? My awesome and tired friend looked at the clock and was like, "Nah. If it were 9:30, I'd say sure, but I want to go to bed."

I love my friend so much, I can't stand it. A role model, to be sure.

Also, I'm driving daughter and dog three-hundred-something miles tomorrow. I haven't driven in years. What are you doing this long weekend? I think I even remember that it is Memorial and not Labor Day. What is Memorial Day about again?

Oh boy and xo.