Jane Pratt, Worst Mom In the World: Little Emily Fakes That She Has A Different Dad

Publish date:
August 9, 2010
parenting, family drama, jane's stuff

What does it mean that my daughter, playing a make-believe mom of four girls, says that one (Emily, pictured here) fakes that she has a different dad?

Also, when I overhear my daughter and her friends playing "family," she most often says that her mom and dad are never around because they have to work and that she never sees them and they leave her with a baby-sitter all the time. Often, she says that her parents are dead.

She is usually three, her favorite age to regress to; it's the age when she and I moved to LA and it became just the two of us (good-bye dad and then good-bye life-long nanny). When I ask her if she was left with a baby-sitter and never saw me when she was little, she says no. But I remember saying no to things like that when my mom asked me, because I knew what she wanted to hear.

Did I do that as early as 7 years old? I don't remember. Has Charlotte been through more transition and drama than I'd been through at 7?

I will tackle the last question: Yes.