Billy Bush and Moi

We decided to look at my last appearance with him on Access Hollywood for signs of lewdness.
Publish date:
October 18, 2016
billy bush, TV

So I don't spend all workday staring at stills of myself from various appearances that I've saved on my phone. Rather, when this text from Dan came in (which is why I am showing you this current moment on my phone, and which I will get to en uno secundo), Marci was in the middle of proving to me that the latest video of me with Billy Bush has been scrubbed from the Internet!! Only this one still image from it exists! Can't Julian Assange please look into this for me? (I will obnoxiously throw in even more garbled phrases in other supposed languages throughout this post or whatever it takes!)

What happened was: we were just talking in a staff meeting about the Billy Bush fall out and our overall feelings about him and we decided to look at my last appearance with him on Access Hollywood for signs of lewdness. We are a team of four, so yes, this is our version of "research." And it is gone from the Internet, as far as we could see. So now you will have to rely on my recollection of the comments he made to me and how he "egged me on" to talk about a guy who works there that I tried to f%^#. (Just kidding – and I know I am mixing so many references, both cultural and highly uncultured, that none of this is probably making any sense. But I'm dictating it into my phone, OK??)

So while I am looking for the video of me and Billy from which only this still seems to exist, Dan sent me the text you see here about an xoJane writer we are thinking of bringing back.

I know I asked you this in the Open Thread but I wanted to give this question it's own little home here on this site too. So:

If this were your site (which it actually is), which writer have you not seen on here in a while that you would like to see again? As a reminder: Cat just came back after a four-year hiatus, followed by Alison. Who would you choose next? I will doggedly pursue whomever you say.

And if you happen to find the video of me and Billy Bush, let me know how gross he was.