Jane Dropped Her Phone In The Toilet, So It's OLIVIA'S PHONE

We also discuss our new death metal band name. OBVIOUSLY.
Publish date:
December 6, 2013

Yeah, so Jane dropped her phone in the toilet last night. Nobody really knows why, but I guess when you are the boss you don't really have to explain yourself when that stuff happens. That is why Jane is actually the luckiest. [ I was in a workaholic frenzy alone late at the office and decided I could do just one more thing before leaving and that one thing involved writing a post on my phone while finally peeing while packing up my backpack to leave. DUH. And thanks for filling in here, Olivia! --Jane]

So we took this video on MY PHONE. You can hear my goofy laugh and commentary in the background. Mainly, Jane was being hilarious and gross and DETERMINED to eat this caviar set we had sitting on our desks for I think two weeks or something? I don't even know.

(Sidenote: I'm listening to Charlotte Gainsbourg and I have been for a few days straight now and I'm wearing a suit jacket and jeans and I just feel like channelling her these days. Who do you want to be instead of you right now in this moment?)

Back to Olivia's phone though, so here we are about to watch Jane eat this gross thing because OFFICE DRAMA which you may or may not pick up on in the video. I wish you guys could smell it, it was actually awful. Actually revolting, and Jane ate it. Kind of anyway. Watch the video and try not to gag. K, BYE!