It's a New Day

Publish date:
January 3, 2012

Remember the song of that title (not the Will I. Am one) from years ago by that fantastic female singer? The sister, coincidentally, of that great SNL actress? I do know how to use google, I swear, but this is a tough one to find. ANYWAY: It gets stuck in my head every year around this calendar time and I love it.

So speaking of being the worst mom in the world, yesterday I had my third travel-daughter-related meltdown. The guys at airport security told each other that I was "mentally unstable," which I told them (so they would know I HEARD YOU) I was sometimes and especially now because of an uncertainty about the well-being (small-short-term picture, not big picture) of my daughter. The last one of these I had was when I HAD to get back to NYC for work and Charlotte's school and the Amtrak lady stopped letting people on the sitting-there-unfull train after the guy in front of us, even though we had our tickets. She just blithely pulled the velvety rope across, so I got down on my knees with my hands in prayer position wailing "Please!!! Please!!!!" so that it echoed throughout Washington Union Station. Char does a great impression of it to this day. ANYWAY, Cat and I were just signing these nipple photos for you contest "winners" (actually her cigarette burn) and Char decided to get in on the action and draw pictures on them and autograph them too. I explained to her how the burn happened. TMI? Ill-advised? Who sang that song? Goooood mornin'!