It's Hard To Be A Girl, Part 2

Publish date:
September 25, 2010
relationships, long term relationships, issues, breaking up is hard to do, jane's stuff

This girl dunked her whole head in the sink and is now flat-ironing her hair in the airport bathroom. Section by section. I've done stuff like that. When you're doing that kind of thing in a place like that, you feel kind of resourceful and determined, like maybe how a bulimic feels throwing up in a restaurant ladies' room with multiple stalls and people waiting to use them. You are doing what you have to do to be the girl you think you have to be. Do guys go to those lengths? Any lengths? What lengths? Meaning, specifically, how long would a guy spend in a public restroom doing a private grooming thing in order to look a certain way for the person or people he was going to see when he emerged? I've spent an hour and a half on a single occasion, for example.