What are you doing for 11-11-11?

Publish date:
November 10, 2011

Well, I know what one of you is doing: Joining me for my (and Demi Moore's -- but she won't be there) 49th birthday! I really wanted to follow Holly Raible Blades's wonderful advice about celebrating it in Portugal, but none of the people I particularly wanted to spend it with could make it there. I (BRYAN!) even went as far as booking a table for eleven at the restaurant Eleven she suggested. Granted I gave my friends and family about a week's notice. So it is a small gathering here in NYC and you, Brooklynbee, are coming (I drew names of local commentors out of my lunchbox). See, I gave you a whole 24 hours notice! Sweet! Please RSVP to jane@xojane.com and I will give you the info. Xo

P.S. I do not advocate the torturing of elephants, even though my email inbox would lead you to believe otherwise.