Is He Asking For It Or What?

Publish date:
October 5, 2012

So a) it is beautiful in NYC today.B) I am lucky enough to be running around between appointments so outin a lot of it (though, as with so many of us, looking down at myphone the whole time in that way that is making plastic surgeonseverywhere drool with anticipation about MORE YOUNGER JOWLS to getat).C) You know when a guy with an 8-pack or something takes off hissweatshirt over his head and then lets his t-shirt remain pulled upfor more than three blocks or, in another situation, more than threeminutes of conversation? Is he ever not doing it intentionally? Anddoes my documenting of this guy (who knew I was posting this, by theway, cause y'all have taught me that about my street shots before --and that's why this isn't the first guy I saw doing this who I didn'tget an approved pic of) constitute sexual harrassment based on the wayhe is dressed? I guess it does, doesn't it? Teach me anything youlike. I will read it and respond -- still walking -- and aim tosometimes look up at crosswalks. X and a O